Due to recent events, working remotely has become a much needed asset for your company.  Remote access can be accomplished with a few different methods.  In this quick blog, we discuss the most common options.  We can help you implement any of these to help your business work from offsite.  Please read below…

1- Paid services like LogMeIn, GoToMyPC or Splashtop.  Cost can vary for these services.  Most have the same features including multi-monitor support and remote printing.  We can help you navigate what may be best.

2- Free services like Google Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop.  As you can imagine, most free services are not feature rich.  With that in mind, you may not need a lot of bells and whistles.  We can discuss these options as some may not meet your security or feature needs.

3- VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Along with the paid services, VPN is one of the most secure ways to go.  It creates a virtual tunnel between your location and work.  Sometimes it requires more setup or different equipment, but in the end you control the setup unlike the paid services.  You can combine VPN with a free service like Remote Desktop.


As with anything IT related, there are many ways to accomplish the same tasks.  The options above all have pros and cons including ease of use, features and security concerns.


If you are in need of remote access from a home office, device or other method, please reach out to us using the Contact Us button below so we can discuss the various options and get you connected.