Business Continuity and great, personalized tech support sets us apart from the rest. Don’t run your business without a disaster recovery plan in place!

Premier Computer Services, LLC offers all of the business solutions any company could need to not only secure and maintain your network, but to have business continuity in the event of a physical or software server failure.

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Keep your network running when you would otherwise be down.


We can set up a virtual server in your office that can act as the real fully functioning server in case you are down by a virus, spyware, software or physical issue. The virtual server can keep you running while we fix your physical server. Even the backup virtual server gets a cloud backup in case your local business has a complete electrical, fire, flood, theft or other major incident occur.  You can run off of the cloud virtual server as well.  Get back up and running in about an hour instead of days or weeks.  Nightly snapshots are taken and emailed to us/you to ensure your backups are good.  How many times in a year do you check your backups? Now do it daily with no effort on your end.  Hourly backups can be set up to minimize any loss of data.  Most companies run one nightly backup potentially losing a full day of work.  Also retain 365 to unlimited days of full server and data backups locally and online based on the package you want.  All of this is done with the latest 256-bit encryption protocols. 24/7 Support is available as well so you know that you can be prepared night and day for emergencies.




This is true business continuityTime is money!

Some Services We Offer:

Take a look at some of our services.  All packages can include onsite as well as remote technical support and 24/7 server monitoring.  Contact us here or below for a free consultation.

Business Continuity

Server and Email Uninterrupted.  Click for more info.

Network Support

On demand, monthly support or pay per hour/project.  Click for more info.

24x7 Network Monitoring

Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) can improve network response and make your support proactive instead of reactive.

Onsite/ Remote Helpdesk

Support for everything I.T.  We can even remote into Android smartphones and tablets for the ultimate in support.

Website/ Email Hosting

Microsoft 365 incl. Microsoft Exchange, cPanel Hosting, Dropbox Integration, Chat and more.

Vendor Management

Let us deal with your Internet Provider and software vendors.

FTP Hosting

Need a SSL secured location for your files so your team and clients can share information?

Offsite Backup

(256-bit encryption) Back up your Server and Workstations easily and reliably.  Includes daily email notifications.

Managed Firewall Support

With SonicWall solutions, we can provide a secure router with complete network security and deep packet inspection protection against threats like viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and other malware.  Add secure VPN access for remote access and office-to-office connectivity.

Endpoint Anti-virus/malware protection

We can centrally manage your virus protection and help monitor your systems onsite and remotely including text and email alerting.  Help stop threats from spreading.  Anti-virus starting at $1.25/mo/node when bundled with RMM.

Managed Services:

Do you want a one price option for your technical support, business continuity plan, offsite backup, web and email services, PC and server monitoring and much more?  Then our Managed Services plans are the best option for you.  Not only will you be able to plan your IT budget, but you can be assured that you can call on support when you need it, and have 24/7 support on your most critical devices like server and critical workstations.  Each network is unique, so let us put together a plan that is right for you and your budget.

Bulk Hours:

Some companies need a lot of hours in bulk to tackle large projects.  We offer discount rates off of our normal per hour support in these situations.  We have Bulk 20, 15 and 10 packages.

Per-Hour Pay as You Go Service:

Some companies like to pay per-hour for their support.  We offer a per-hour service for these customers.  It’s as simple as calling and having us remote in or come out onsite to help.

It doesn’t matter what plan you are on, we always offer comprehensive, courteous and on-time support!

Computer House is our Web and Email division of Premier Computer Services, LLC.

Here we offer the highest quality Email and Website Hosting services in the Tri-State and around the world.

Website Hosting and Design:

Almost every business these days needs a web presence.  Let us not only host the website for you using the latest in cPanel server technology, but also design a site that fits your company’s needs.

Our low cost hosting starts at only $4.50/mo and offers the highest quality servers.  If you need more computing power, we offer dedicated servers, Cloud servers and much more.

You may see ads for sites where you can make your own web page in minutes.  The problem is you don’t own the site, just the content (words and pictures) and are stuck with that company’s services.  If you ever want or need to move away from them, your site is stuck.  With our services, a personal designer will create the site you need and you will fully own it.

Our flexibility, up-to-date technologies, personal service and much more make us the right choice for your business!

Enhanced Email and Archiving:

We have multiple offerings for our email including a simple email box, all the way to an enhanced mailbox that can run even when Microsoft 365 is down.  We do this by incorporating a sophisticated email forwarding system that will allow you to still send and receive messages while your email server is being restored.  We also offer 99 year retention Email Archiving to help you comply with today’s archiving requirements and help you safe guard your network from rogue employees or IT threats.  Keeping your server and email running 24/7 is vital!

Can you afford to have only 30 days of deleted item retention from Microsoft 365?  Add 99 year archiving to protect your email data.

Archiving also helps protect you if users accidentally or intentionally delete emails.

We offer Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft 365 and Standard mailboxes.  Exchange (100GB storage), Encrypted Exchange (50GB), all levels of Microsoft 365 and Standard mailboxes(25GB).

Our standard email includes Dropbox Integration so you can send almost unlimited sized attachments.  Our webmail chat feature allows you to chat with users on your same domain.


Other services include:


OffSite Backup

Skype for Business

and much more.

Feel free to contact us so we can customize a plan for your business, large or small!