Home Office Support / Secure Wi-Fi

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you don’t need technical support.

We can handle all aspects including the most critical data backup and remote connections to work.

Losing your data can be crippling or can even lead to the closing of your business.
We can put in place strong, encrypted onsite and offsite backup to keep you secure.

Your office needs to have secure Wi-Fi as well. 

Using your ISP’s home router may seem like a good solution, but their networks are shared among 1000s of others.

Let us help you add a secure router and use best-practices to protect your Wi-Fi signal from being compromised.

Printing and data sharing among local computers in the home can really increase your productivity.

Let us network all your devices together to increase your workflow.

We can  also be your go between with outside Vendors like Intuit, CMS Management and many other companies.

We have years of experience handling upgrades, file sharing and much more.