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How to Setup Windows 8 Mail for IMAP or Exchange

How do I configure Computer House Email or Exchange in Windows 8 Mail?

Windows 8 Mail App setup

Note:  This does require you to have a Microsoft account to have access to the Mail App.

1. Open settings Menu by moving the cursor to the right hand side of the screen.
     a. On touchscreen devices swipe from the outside right of the screen toward the center.

2. Select Settings then Accounts

3. Add and Account
       a. For Exchange select Outlook (Continued on Step: 4)
       b. For IMAP select Other Account (Continued on Step: 6)
       c. NOTE: Windows Mail APP does not support POP!


Exchange Setup

4. Click on Show More details.
     a. Email address:
     b. Server address: (You can get

this from your Administrator)
     c. Domain: [Leave Blank]
     d. Username:
     e. Password: (Your Email Password)

5. Connect then click on Enforce these policies

IMAP Setup

6. Click on Show more details
     a. Email address:
     b. Username:
     c. Password: Webmail password

Incoming Server Settings

Outgoing Server Settings

7. Check Outgoing server requires authentication and use the same username and password to send and receive mail.

8. Connect and good to go!

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